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Guaranteed Savings On Your Everyday Living Costs

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David Grant

Times are difficult for many people around the world, especially now with the full effect of the Local and national government cuts coming into full force.

Some people in the media are saying that these austerity measures will continue to make things hard for people throughout the UK for the next two years and that we haven't felt their full impact yet.

That's why I'm glad that eight years ago I decided to invest in my own home business and in the last two years I have added some aditional products to those that I was originally involved with, because now I can help people throughout the UK and around the world to reduce the effect of those cuts and the hard times they are going through.

My business does exactly waht it says on the URL I help people to save money and time. In fact I would go so far as to sayI can guarantee to save people around the world money and time.

If what is reported in the media is true and people genuinely are finding it difficult to make ends meet and there's to much month and not enough money then those same people have to start to think outside the box and not just focus on how much more they can earn, but also how much they can save.

Saving money on your everyday living costs could equate to as much as a twenty five percent pay rise for some people.

It's not the only way to deal with these austere times, but it is one of the ways to do so and it doesn't cost you anything to do so.

So if you you or anyone you know wants to make guaranteed, unlimited, immediate and long term savings on their everyday living costs take a look at          



Help With Economic Hardship

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David Grant

Hi, Ihope 2011 is going to be a fantastic year for you and for everyone you know.

Unfortunately for many people around the Uk and the world this will not be the case and many people will be struggling to get through each month.

If you know anyone who may be finding it difficult to cope with their current financial situation and simply needs to reduce their everyday living costs in order to give them the breathing space and relief they need to make ends meet then perhaps you would help them out by directing them to my website at here I can definitely help them to reduce the cost of their everyday personal and business purchases while also helping them to save money in the long term.

There are also a couple of income opportunities on my site that could help to generate some additional income for them.

With the MyShoppingGenie people around the world can make use of a FREE and Safe to use Windows based software application that will get the user the best deal on their online and instore purchases saving them loads of money and time.

With the Utility Warehouse UK domestic residents and SME business can get a suite of utility services plus the unique CashBack card that could enable them to reduce their utility bills by as much as 25% every month.

To make it easy for you to make use of both of these services I have created where you can access both money saving facilities.

To find out about the international income opportunity with MyShoppingGenie go to this is just about to launch in Malaysia and Singapore and is already open in several other countries around the globe. 

More information on the income opportunity with the Utility Warehouse can be viewed here 
Wher ever life takes you in 2011 I hope it proves to be a happy, healthy and successful one for you and your friends and family!     

Would you like to put your business on the front page of the leading search engines around the world at little or no cost to you?

You have a great website, but few visitors or have to pay loads to get the exposure you need to get visitors.

With myshoppinggenie you could get front page exposure on the leading search engines including Google, Bing and MSN, plus you get the opportunity to create a nother passive income while saving your customers money everyday.

The brandable myshoppinggenie is a great way to expose your business on the internet as you give it away for free and it's also a great way to thank your customers for their use of your products or services.

Get in touch via GTGP or visit to find out more about the genie income opportunity and how you can brand it for the benefit of your business.



If I Could... Would You!

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David Grant

If I could show you how to save hundreds of pounds over the next twelve months would you be interested in finding out how?

Contact me via GTGP for more information or simply do the following via my website at

1. Install the completely FREE and Safe to use MyShoppingGenie App onto  a PC, Laptop or iMac that is running Windows and get the best deal on all of your online and instore purchases.

2. Set up your own completely FREE Ei42 store by following the directions via the link on my site and get cashback on all of your purchases from over 1500 UK retailers including well know high street retailers and online exclusive traders.

3. Switch one or more of your utility services to the Utility Warehouse Discount Club and get the unique members exclusive CashBack Card which when used to purchase your goods from a Utility Warehouse cashback partner can get you between twenty and thirty percent off of your utility bills every month.

As well as award winning landline phone and broadband services plus great long term value on their energy bills, Utility Warehouse Discount Club members can now get the UK's best value Mobile phone services with a double your money back guarantee if you don;t save money by switching.

How to optimise your savings: 

Install the genie. that's a no brainer, which alone has the potential to save you loads of money and time.

Use the Genie to find you the best deal on all of your purchases and use the vouchers also available on the site.

If the best deal is on one of the retailers shown on your Ei42 site make your purchase through your shop and get the extra CashBack.

Make the purchase with your Utility Warehouse CashBack Card and get the best deal plus the extra CashBack plus the discount on your utility bills as provided by the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

Lastly why not use some of the savings you make to become a DreamTrips Luxury Travel Discount Club member and take four and five star DreamTrip holidays at  a discounted prices!

Wishing every Good Times Good People Member a very merry Christmas time and a healthy, prosperous and happy 2011.